Branding & Identity

Why you really don't need "just a logo"

Many clients approach me requesting “Just” a logo.  Unfortunately, a logo is a small piece of the branding puzzle.  True branding includes a style guide for everything your business will create – including language and copy, advertising, marketing, social media, television, etc.  Some designers offer a $100 “Just a Logo” deal which, truthfully, is a disservice to the client.  It’s providing an incomplete solution to an undefined problem.  For this reason, I only work with complete branding packages to fully serve the client’s needs.

Standard branding packages include:


concepts and colors I've discovered through research, to give an initial idea of where "my head is at" regarding your brand.

Brand Language

adjectives and phrases to craft the brand messaging - language will appear in copy across advertising and website

Client Profile

hypothetical client profile of your target demographic. clearly defining your target market will better focus your branding efforts


Pen-and-paper sketching to get the initial creative juices flowing. From these initial sketches, I select several candidates


After sketching, top candidates are brought into Adobe Illustrator to turn into vector art. 3-5 are refined for client consideration.

Logo Final

The top vector concept is finalized into a responsive logo - most often a wordmark + a logomark.

Color Palette

A palette to support your brand, complete with CMYK, RGB, and HEX codes of colors


Font selection and Type hierarchy of scale created for print and web applications

Brand guides usually include most of the following

Depending on the needs of the client, brand guides can include:


Tactile branding considers the "feel" of the brand - including printed media. Digital brands require texture to give an added connective quality to their marketing.


Logomarks and symbols can often be reinterpreted as patterns to create brand cohesion. These patterns are used heavily on packaging and websites

Other Assets

Some brands require a visual language including icons and photography that help create a more unified brand identity


Mockups can help the client visualize real-life applications of their logo and brand. I include several based on the company needs.


Printed stationery, including business cards, letterheads, and envelopes is often included as a mockup example

Social Media

Social Media templates for Instagram and Facebook can be included. Monthly content plans are also available.

Site UX

Website or mobile app concepts can be included in brand guides when relevant


Style of photography and videography are crucial to brand consistency. Brand guides can include referenecs

comprehensive branding begins at $800 for small businesses