For The Woman
Who's Tired Of Doing
ALL The Cooking

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Man In The Kitchen TV

Guarantees You Two Things:

We Make Your Man a Phenomenal Home Chef in Under 3 Days.

Your Man Will Be Naturally Motivated To Help You Out More In The Kitchen.

100% Unconditional Life-Time Money Back Guarantee

If at any time for whatever reason, either you are not fully satisfied with this experience, just let us know and an immediate and full refund will be issued to you.

"We spend more time together now, planning our meals, looking for new dishes and best of all...making them together!"

What's In It for You ?

What is MITK TV and What Does It Do?

"My guy had too much fun taking these classes and now hardly ever lets me cook!"

We go from the basics of pots and pans, knife safety, and kitchen cleanup...

...all the way to the art of searing, frying, baking, and the fiery flambé - giving your man master chef skills and sooo much more!

Here’s What Your Lifetime Membership
Gives You Unlimited Access To:

87 minutes  |  Hosted by Carlos

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and also...

Free Monthly VIP Zoom Calls

24/7 Private Online Support Group

Checklist & Fast Reference PDFs to Keep Everything He Learns at his Fingertips

Limited Time $50 Pre-Launch Discount

100% Unconditional Life-Time Money Back Guarantee

If at any time for whatever reason, either you are not fully satisfied with this experience, just let us know and an immediate and full refund will be issued to you.

True Confession:

Most men WANT to help out and share in the cooking.

They're just intimidated to do it wrong

The steps put together here are proven to make cooking easy

For ANY man.

"My wife is Impressed!"

The Man in the Kitchen videos made me get over the fear of how to do stuff in the Kitchen. My wife is Impressed. I'm saving money on food. It made a huge difference in our relationship! You just gotta check this course out.

Rick Delmontes

Married, Father of 2, and CRUSHIN' it!

A Word from the Woman Behind the Man in the Kitchen

"When we started getting serious I let him know I would not be doing any cooking."

He just laughed

Carlos told me he had been putting together Man In The Kitchen for the past two years.

I had NO IDEA what he was talking about…until…

our monsoon vacation.

We had gone to a beach town in Costa Rica and the worst tropical storm in the country’s history hit the shore.

The only bridge in town collapsed and no supplies would be coming in.

He grabbed me and took me to a small farmers’ market to find what scarce food was available.

I thought we would be eating boiled casava and fried plantains all week.

My man had something else in mind.

Day and night I was blown away by the amazing meals he prepared for us.

And I just had to ask:

“Where are you getting these recipes from?”

He confessed he knew no recipes.

He was simply drawing from the skills he learned while creating Man In The Kitchen.

But more impressive was his reason for putting together Man In The Kitchen…

He told me, he just wanted to help men be better men.

He wanted women to feel supported at home and for meals to once again be a shared experience of love.

I’ve since made a confession of my own.


I was just tired of being the one doing all the cooking.

Today, we have a blast with our food.

We enjoy creating our meal plans and sharing them in our meal prep.

And when we cook together, I have no words to describe how good it feels and how much fun we have.

I’m not just the woman inspiring this man’s passion…

I’m a living testimony to the HUGE benefits of having a man in the kitchen.

So if you’ve been wanting to get your man more involved with the family meals or just wanted to give him an easy way to help in the kitchen then, with all my heart and confidence, I recommend you get him Man In The Kitchen and try out for yourself how good it feels when he’s doing the cooking. =)

~ Melissa Romero

What Your Guy Gets From Man in the Kitchen ...

...and Why He Will LOVE It!

We Want Your Man to SUCCEED !

This Is Much More Than a Course...

It's a Real Community .

Beyond the series, your man also gets access to a worldwide tribe of other men on the same quest.

We share our man in the kitchen stories, adventures, and inspiration.

PLUS unlimited access to LIVE monthly online gatherings, staff support, and our private community group.

It’s all included to make sure he succeeds.

Man In The Kitchen TV is offering you a limited-time pre-launch discount. The launch price for access to MITK.TV will be $97, but RIGHT NOW with your pre-launch discount, you only make a one-time payment of $47.

The pre-launch celebration is nearly over and soon the price will go up. After all, we can’t allow everyone to become a lifetime member for a one-time payment of $47. Get your man in the kitchen today and see how could it feels when he’s doing the cooking.

Changed How I Cook Every Meal

I hadn't a clue about cooking. This course quickly taught me the key cooking secrets used in every professional kitchen that changed how I cook every meal. Super grateful to Man In The for putting this wizardry out for free!

Sam Austin

Engaged & Loving His New Cooking Skills

Man In The Kitchen TV Guarantees Your Man Will...

"Taught my husband everything I needed him to know about our kitchen."

Man In The Kitchen taught my husband everything I needed him to know about our kitchen. The classes covered kitchen clean up, plating and presentation of meals and of course how to make sure the flavor hits in every bite. I'm so proud of him for putting what he learned into action at home.

Marisol Attkins

Santa Fe, NM

From the Man Behind The Man In The Kitchen

I love food and always wanted to be real good at cooking, but culinary classes are expensive and often seem to be given in a language from another planet.

Recipe books can be complicated and sometimes ask for items only available in a small region of the Spanish Alps. =)

So one cool winter night I was thinking about chopping onions and how I would just love to have a chef show me the basics.

All I wanted was a simple way to cook great meals at home.

Then it hit me like a falling piano…BAM!

My Harley-driving, French-trained bestie Chef was now living in California, the same state I currently found myself. So I called her up and simply asked if she would take a few weeks to show me an effortless way to cook great food. And if she could please do it without any of the fancy language, complicated recipes, or fleecing my pockets.

She laughed and told me we didn’t need a few weeks we only needed a few hours per day for 4-5 days.

A few days later, her, her Harley and French Bulldog pulled up into my driveway…

The Rest Is History.

My “cooking coach” got my kitchen game on point. She did it, just as she said, a few hours per day in a super simple and fun style. And I was ready to be the man in the kitchen in less than 5 days.

Then she inspired me to create Man In The Kitchen. In this journey I realized 2 VERY IMPORTANT THINGS:

I’m committed to helping men grasp, with mindless effort, EASY to do pro-moves to instantly dominate the stove & blow away loved ones with mouth-watering dishes!

So here it is...the most complete, done in simple English and downright most unstoppable cooking guide for men...

I hope you grab it and ENJOY !

~ Carlos Duran

(Your Man's Man In The Kitchen)

"Much needed and DAMN GOOD!"

Ambitious. Much needed and DAMN GOOD! Every man should be cooking up BIG LOVE at home. Grab Man In The Kitchen today and serve up the perfect diner tonight

Paul Hibler

World-Renowned Chef, Owner/Operator of American Beauty,
The Window and Pit Fire Pizza

Free Video Reveals ...

The Top 5 Subliminal Motivators
Which Get Men To Help Every Woman Should Know.

Even if he can't boil an egg today. In less than a week, he will be making you amazing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

All you need are the basics of flavor stacking, 1 pot, 1 pan, 1 knife, and a cutting board.

With these fundamentals, any ingredients can be turned into a jaw-dropping meal.